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A Fresh Perspective on Negotiations

2021-04-09T13:19:16+00:00April 8, 2021|PODCASTS|

SLA President, Bobby Hacker, connects with Mori Taheripour, author and educator to discuss topics from her book including her holistic approach to negotiations, gender roles defined by society, and imposter syndrome.

The Hundred Billion Dollar Question

2021-03-24T18:47:43+00:00March 24, 2021|BLOG|

Now that all of the NFL broadcast deals have been reported finalized, other than further filling the coffers of the NFL, what are the takeaways? Delve into this topic in the latest blog from SLA President, Bobby Hacker.

The Business of Spring Training

2021-03-24T18:24:42+00:00March 23, 2021|PODCASTS|

This podcast discusses the preparations and the impact of COVID-19 on Spring Training from both the team perspective with Ashwin Krishnan and Maacah Scott and the players' perspective with agent Joe Longo.

The New in NFL Renewals

2021-03-12T14:37:49+00:00March 11, 2021|BLOG|

As we see more and more stories about the incumbent networks renewing NFL deals, I think we might ask some questions about what is or could be new in those deals. Read more on this topic in our latest blog.

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